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» Meet the P.T.O. Corporate Staff

William Carpenter

William H. Carpenter - President and CEO

Throughout his life, Bill has always followed the principal of the only way to get the job done is to roll up your sleeves and do it. This philosophy was passed down to him from his father and grandfather before him, and was further engrained into him during his years playing football. He started in grade school, progressing through Oak Park High School and then on to Dartmouth College and even one year in the pro's. Through this all, he never missed a game, he didn't put in all those hours of training to sit on the bench!

Following his graduation from Dartmouth he entered the Army and that is really when his career in transportation began. As a Master Sergeant he was put in charge of the motor pool, coordinating the movement of troops and equipment to Korea, a monumental job. But obviously one that he really enjoyed. Following his years in the service he joined Navajo Freight Lines in New Mexico and utilizing his military experience made a name for himself in the transportation industry and with the union management.

Bill married and has one son William M. Carpenter who has headed up such companies as Ricket and Coleman and more recently retired as President and CEO of Bausch and Lomb. He and wife Chrissy have five children and six grand children.

When Bill returned to the Chicago area he joined Scherer Freight Lines as Regional Manager and maintained that position when the company was purchased by Associated Transport, an eastern based company. It was at this point when he decided he wanted to branch out into more than just transportation and was one of the original partners in forming P.T.O. Services in 1970. Since that time, he has held positions on both the National and Local levels of the negotiating and grievance committees with the teamsters union and was instrumental in the writing of the now existing union drug programs which are used by all union trucking companies and most non-union trucking companies.

Bill spends his off duty time as District Enrollment Director for the Chicago area for Dartmouth College. This is truly a labor of love. Until recently he had been on the Board of Directors for the Oak Park YMCA for many years. And, in his spare time he and wife Terri spend their time on their small ranch with their dogs Rusty and Lincoln and four retired horses. Hours are filled with rebuilding fences which are constantly being knocked down by our large friends.

His total involvement in every facet of the operation of the company is evident. He endows his staff with the same untiring drive that he puts into the day-to-day operation. His policy is and has always been, hands on, 24/7.

Terri Carpenter

Terri Carpenter - Vice President

Terri moved from central lllinois into the Chicagoland area with a background in retail sales, general clerical and human resources. Proudly states that she was the first female assistant manager in the Kinney Shoe Company, which gave her the drive to go for whatever goal she wanted to achieve.

While working for Budweiser and for Rochester Germicide Companies, she got a real feel for the importance and the coordination of handling the management of production, shipping and employees as well as the customers they serve. Her favorite comparison of these jobs is "it's like a juggling act and you don't ever want to drop any of the pieces." This drove her to E.C.C. College and onto College of DuPage where she majored in accounting and physiology, both of which have been tremendously helpful in day-to-day operations.

Joining P.T.O. in 1975,"just to handle the payroll", was the beginning of what has now become an unending adventure. She has pulled the other staff members into a team, each having its own special part in the complex puzzle. Along with Sue and Debbie they form the nucleus with the rest of the staff embodying the complete crew that "gets the job done".

Outside P.T.O., her life embodies a myriad of activities and loves. Married to Bill for the past 25 years, living out a dream of having horses and other animals which have included goats, sheep and cows (Bill's idea) cats and, of course, our dogs. We have been fortunate in having my daughter and her two children live next door (through the woods). It has been a great joy watching Deb and her daughter Theresa attain National rankings in the Appaloosa Horse Club and both have attained several World titles. Theresa and her husband and their daughter now reside just through the woods! Don't get her started on the great granddaughter!

A member of the Board of Directors for Mutual Ground Inc., the domestic violence shelter for southern Kane and Kendall counties for 11 years. A trained hospital advocate for clients who are hospitalized, and a staunch supporter of every event held to raise the monies necessary to keep the shelter open. Also has taught religious education to second grade students for 19 years, a real passion.

She has done it all within the company including washing the windows. That is an inside joke! But from dispatching to handling the workers comp claims, it all goes over her desk at some time and as she often says, there's always room for more.

Tom Wisla

Tom Wisla - Operations Manager

Tom began his relationship with P.T.O, almost 34 years ago as a leased driver for one of our accounts. As time went on and his knowledge of the business grew, he went on to become the dispatcher and assumed the routing duties for 20 drivers. lt was about this time that we realized that we were in need of his skills in our office handling the extra board dispatching duties, disciplinary action, union negotiations and other day-to-day hands on work with the drivers and our clients. Tom has grown into the position of Bill's Assistant in handling union matters. He serves on all joint area, local and regional grievance committees. He is totally "hands on" in all matters with the drivers.

Throughout his career, Tom has revised and implemented new policies and procedures for our transportation departments. He has incorporated the necessity of appearance and attitude of the drivers and how it relates to their performance and reflection on our company and our clients and the general public. He works "hands on" with our clients helping to solve their transportation problems and is instrumental in the handling of disciplinary action when necessary. He has worked with our drivers and clients in establishing a high safety rating with the Department of Transportation.

With his continued growth in the knowledge of the negotiations and grievance machinery needed to handle our union operation, Tom's knowledge is invaluable to the company. Couple this with his overall ability to negotiate contracts and handle problems which might occur for our clients, he is a very valuable asset to the day-to-day operation of the company.

Anthony Langfeld

Anthony S. Langfeld - Director of Human Resources

Tony has rejoined us following a short stint in the Insurance business giving him invaluable knowledge, which he brings to his new position with us. He has also earned his certification in HR Management, which gives him the well-rounded knowledge necessary for his new role here at P.T.O. Services.

A life filled with diversity, imagination and curiosity gives Tony an insight into the business world, which is extremely valuable to the company. Adopted into a family with three girls, a mother who was entrepreneur, philanthropist, best friend and mentor and a father whose work ethic is unmatched. How could you beat that combination?

Tony originally joined the P.T.O. team in March 2005, building on a career of management at all levels in the hospitality and educational fields with a concentration in sales and customer service. He worked on-site as a dispatcher and transportation analyst for one of P.T.O. Services clients.

Tony brings with him a background of history and political science from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. He has been a Wish Granter with the Make-A-Wish Foundation since 1997 and is an active member of his community.

Tony has been married to wife Lisa for 10 years; they have been blessed with Owen who is now 5 and Zander (known to many as Charlie) who is 4. You have heard of double trouble, well just ask Tony about every day at his home.

Susan M. Holzmeister

Susan M. Holzmeister - Office Manager

Sue joined our family in 1995 to handle the growing benefit resources, which are now available to our employees. Her background in customer service and record keeping makes her an invaluable asset in the day-to-day operation. Her aptitude for perfection is a great asset in handling the employee records, which must be maintained and constantly updated.

Although her days are filled with P.T.O. her evenings and weekends are dedicated to her family. She has a daughter and a son and of course grandson Cody, who is really an integral part of our family since we have watched him grow from an infant to teen, WOW 16 this year.

She is an active member of the rescue group ‘Good as Gold” and has adopted 3 dogs of her own. An Ardent bowler, however Cody has now surpassed her to her delight.

Debra Kuhn

Debra Kuhn - Administrative Assistant

Seven years ago, Deb came in to give us a hand during a period of time when we felt that Terri and Sue just weren't going to have enough hours in the day to close up the year end material. Well, one thing led to another and here we are now the team that puts together the payroll each week. Each of us has our part in the setting up, inputting, checking (in and out) of the material sent to us by our clients which constitutes the payroll information needed to formulate the ultimate paychecks. Together we form the team that gets the job done.

Checks and balances have been put into the computer system, but it's still the human factor that gets the job done. If you ask Deb what is most important in her life, without hesitation she would tell you Emily. Her 7 month old granddaughter is her true joy. Add to Emily her great love for animals, especially horses and her golden retrievers. For the past 25 years she and daughter Theresa have traveled the country showing their prize Appaloosa horses and during this time have gained National and World titles including their two favorites "Worlds Best Appaloosa" and the "Nutrina Iron Horse" award. Fortunately husband Chuck shares her love of their four legged family.

Deb is our go-to person when any of us needs that extra set of hands to complete our projects. She is referred to as everyone's assistant and is always ready willing and makes time to be able to jump in when called upon to do so.

Robert Bishop

Robert Bishop - Safety Director and Recruiter

If it has to do with the operation of a truck, Bob is the person who can answer each and every question. Since he began in the family owned trucking business as a driver in 1976 and then dispatcher he has continued to grow in knowledge of the safe operation of transportation equipment. He spent 12 years with Allied Van Lines in the operations department as a dispatcher, scheduler and also in their safety department as a Safety Compliance Manager and Field Service Manager.


One of the first things a driver learns when being interviewed for a position with our company is that you can't fool Bob. His constant awareness of changes in state and federal laws is a great asset to all of our clients in keeping them in compliance and out of the danger of possible fines. He attends webinars and seminars on a regular basis and continually updates the in-house information to have it available when needed. He works very closely with Tom and Bill in the day-to-day operation of the company which gives us a team of experts that is unbeatable. They also go out to our clients and conduct safety meetings to keep the drivers aware of not just the new regulations, but also to be sure that safety is first and foremost in their minds while operating their equipment.

As an added asset to our company he is available to go to our clients locations and do a safety inspection to be sure that they are in compliance with OSHA laws. He is a major asset to our team.

Steven Wittert

Steven Wittert - CPA, Financial Consultant

Steve has over 25 years of public accounting experience. A graduate of Southern lllinois University witha bachelor's degree in accounting and through his ongoing educational seminars, maintains his status as a Licensed Certified Public Accountant. Prior to joining P.T.O. he was a partner in one of the largest accounting firms in the northwest Chicago suburban area and during that time he also was an instructor of accounting at a local community college. He has been involved in many public service programs including serving as the treasurer of the Wheeling Chamber of Commerce. He is also a member of the lllinois CPA Society.

Steve and wife Vicki, who teaches in the Chicago school district, have two daughters. The eldest, Samantha, is also a teacher and their younger daughter Alison is an occupational therapist. They are all great health advocates. Why else would anyone get up at four AM to head off to the gym or hop on the treadmill for a workout? He is constantly harassed about his hourly meals, but he still likes to head off for a "regular meal" at any of the local eateries.

Prior to joining the firm, Steve served as our public accountant for 10 years and in that capacity gained his knowledge of transportation and PEO's. In 2004 he retired from the firm he had been with and joined our staff where he now serves as in-house accountant and assists in the daily operation of the business' financial operation.

Daniel Hopkins

Daniel Hopkins - Assistant Mgr./Mgr. Computer Technology

Dan is a new member of our team, but don't underrate his position. He, like everyone else, is multi-faceted, it's a necessity. Following his graduation from Hoffman Estates High School he went to Western Illinois University majoring in elementary education, which I can assure you, he uses daily. Using this education he was employed by Huntington Learning Center as a teacher and an Assistant Director of day-to-day operations. He began his career with us in June of 2005, working off-site at one of our clients handling the dispatching and related paperwork. His supervisors soon learned of his skill in developing reports which could be used to formulate and speed up the loading and dispatching processes.

ln July 02, 2009, he began his transition into working in our office on a parttime basis and came on fulltime shortly thereafter. We also recognized his abilities, which seem to grow on a daily basis. From sales to service, from accounting to payroll, he is right there with new fresh ideas. Give him pages of material and he'll make a usable spread sheet from them.

He does more than work, having been a wrestler while in school it was a natural for him to coach a kids club wrestling team in Schaumburg. His love of sports also includes the Cubs, Bears, shuffleboard and golf. Being single, his "kids" time is spent with nieces and nephews who, no matter what he says, he adores.

Dan still has many doors to open and we have no doubt that behind each one is going to be an interesting and profitable potential for the company.

Loyd Adams

Loyd Adams - Western Sales Representative

Loyd is the newest member of our team having joined us 2010 originally with one of our clients but found that his real forte' was in the field of sales. His low key, but steady approach to prospective clients has been a great asset to the company and his ongoing service is priceless. He is unstoppable when it comes to service. If a client asks, he answers. He draws his greatest strength from his faith and dedication to his service to both the Baptist Church and Gospel Church he attends.

He spent his early years in Bakersfield CA. While there, he became interested in Karate and by 7th grade had earned his 7 Ky low Purple Belt in Shotokan Karate, quite an accomplishment and his perseverance for excellence began to really show forth at this time. It was at this time his family returned to Oklahoma and he earned his degree in Business Administration at USAO College and supplemented this with seminars and classes in sales, management and computer skills.

Throughout the years he has worked in sales and management for such companies at Toys R US, an Industrial Paint Co., Auto Parts Sales and a Quick Stop. He also owned and managed his own painting company and has been associated with their family owned painting and wrecker service. He has been involved with employee leasing and PEO's for 15 years.

A big football fan, especially Oklahoma State and Oklahoma University, and is a long time collector of autographed baseballs. A country music fan, surprise! And will make a trip to the coast at the slightest suggestion.